I have been meditating  on these verses for a couple days.   It is so good to be reminded that we have divine power. Our decisions to not war in the flesh but to take the gifts God has given us and use them for His glory. Strongholds aren’t strong then and we speak about Our Loving Heavenly Father very easily.  There is a  peace that comes when we don’t do anything on our own, knowing  that God has given us His power that “raised Christ from the dead”.   This helps us go against the “arguments and every pretension” that would make us or others believe things that are not true about God.  I know and believe God’s help will change our view on how we struggle with the hard things in life.  He is there to help us demolish things that would in the flesh look too hard.  We can’t only look on “the surface of things”(v.7b) . Look through His Divine Power and Rest in Him!!