Today we dropped off our youngest to Elijah Camp!! I remember when he was always too young for camp and he would be saying goodbye with us to Gabe and Abby but today we left him all by himself!! My heart and prayer for all 3 of my children is that they will fully follow the Lord in whatever He calls them to. Saying “Goodbye” will be something i will have to get use to!!! God is shaping and molding all of their hearts and learning to let go and trusting God to protect and be their complete Parent!! As i write this emotion is filling my heart and I can’t even see the screen now!! What are you doing Heavenly Father with my heart?  For now i can surrender a week but wow this is hard!! I admire all my dear friends who have been through this and are so full of faith!!! I want to be just like you!! God has us all on many different seasons in life and i am thankful for those who are ahead of me leading in their faith!!  Like Nathan said on the weekend, “our children our not ours to own” they are the Lords’ . I am honored to have them for this time!!! (clearing my eyes) The Kingdom of God needs us to do our best with them so they can go on to bless and lead this world for Jesus!!