Yes, Lake Michigan is beautiful!  The hot sun and sand make it even better to relax in!!! I am very thankful for our family time! I know our time is short with our children.  So the  time we set aside with them means a great deal to me & Nathan!  A rest and a treasure in my heart of memories.  I believe this was a very spiritual thing to do!!  God has given us all eyes and ears to use for r&r. We can take a sigh of relief and just drink in His Creation,Listening and seeing Him in it all!! He is so close and real!!! That is relaxing and restful to our souls!!!! Even if we don’t have time and $ to go somewhere awesome and well advertised all we need to do is step out and look up!! The clouds say it all!! He is Alive and Well and Vast in giving us peace in our souls. Look up my friend and have r&r today!