Psalm 112:1,2

“Praise the Lord! How blessed is the man(woman) who fears the Lord, Who greatly delights in His commandments. v2. His(her) descendants will be mighty on the earth;  The generation of the upright will be blessed.”

I stand on this promise that David talked about here! First, I too must Praise our Lord for all the good seasons and milestone in my children’s life.  I do at times get very sad about the changes that seem to happen over night in them !  I remember back to the time when I felt like Hannah in the Bible, begging God for children!! What joy when we found out we were having a child and this one was going to make it!  Then God blessed us with two more,Wow!! The yearning and desire for children, surpassed any thought of them growing up and leaving me!!   It was about 6 years ago at family camp i realized my days were numbered for a solid time with my children.  I discovered i had work to do!   My greatest desire for them is to see them serve God with their whole heart!!!!  I took this deep to heart.  That is where this promise comes in ,If i delight in God’s commandments and fear the Lord. Then God will help my desire come about!! I know this doesn’t mean  I wake up tomorrow and they are mighty and everything is perfect for them.  It means my part in all of this is very important and my trust for Him has to be great!!     So here we are at another BIG milestone in Abby’s life, Wednesday she became a legal driver without me in the car and in a few hours she will take off to Haiti.  I will continue to walk with these verses insight & knowing  His plan is the best for my children!  My heart is excited and heavy at the same time.  I never really experienced this until God blessed me with children.   So my fear is in the Lord, not in man and there is where it will stay.  I will continue to delight in obeying  what God says.  This will not come without lots of time in His presence  and that is where i long to be, so if you see me and i look a bit tired this week it maybe i have had to be with Him a lot so my fear stayed in Him.