“Hoarding”      Part 1

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Hoarding =   A person who engages in compulsive hoarding is commonly said to be a “pack rat“, in reference to that animal’s characteristic hoarding. A&E and TLC networks.

Last week we were at my mom & dad’s and we watched a few episodes of “Hoarding”. I really couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched the sad sad stories of people’s lives that can barely live in their homes because of the clutter and trash in it they cannot part with.   It has me thinking about our spiritual “hoarding” we do.You may have  had this happen to you or you were the one not sharing. Either way our dear old flesh   started hoarding when we were very young!

Before the “Hoarding” shows were ever thought of, we can read about the Israelites’ lesson on hoarding. Exodus 16 they are in the Desert of Sin and they were grumbling to Moses about not having enough food.   V.4 God explains how He will give them bread from heaven “Manna”, thin flakes like frost.   They were only to take an omer of it (about 2 quarts).  Just get what they needed and not keep it until morning.  Verse 29 says some paid no attention and kept it until morning and it was full of maggots and began to smell! That would be nice to wake up to! The amazing thing was for the Sabbath they could get enough for 2 days!  God was teaching them that He would provide for them.  Do you know God provided for them manna.  Manna for 40 years?   What has God provided from Heaven for you? Are you hoarding and it is rotting? I think of Matthew 6:19-21. There is a bad hoarding and a good hoarding here. What are you doing?  This is only part 1 of what I have been pondering for a week.

Part II on Hoarding will be tomorrow.