Are you ready for Part 2 of this awesome topic?  All morning I have been thinking about this and I have  written 3 pages of thoughts but now I have to send it to the world wide web.   I mentioned Matthew 6:19-21 Jesus was instructing the disciples and us, before this part  he talked about fasting.  He knew we needed some instruction for our flesh.  Our flesh is always longing to be satisfied and some of that is good and some of it is not good for us. As I watched that “hoarding” show  the Holy Spirit spoke to me in many ways.  First i felt so sad for the people and moved by their pain.  The Holy Spirit reminded me that their problem was revealed to the whole viewing community but there is a bunch of us with hoarding tendencies (not material things) that you can’t see and you pray no one will ever see.  Next feeling was I’m so glad I don’t have that problem where again the Holy Spirit said the heart can have deep hoarding issues are you ready for the Counselor to come in and help remove those things.  I saw the mess inside their homes and some of it flowed even to their yards.  I think we think our hoarding will not affect those around and no one will know what we are dealing with but by accident it will come out the front door(our mouth).  Of course they never intended to draw attention to themselves but because they never took care of the problem it began to be more noticable as years went by.   When the Holy Spirit speaks to us about some bitterness, fear, worry, jealousy, unforgiveness, and dark sins, if we don’t began to work on getting rid of it,  it begins to control us and clutter up our soul.  Our flesh begins to move in and convince us that we need to fill up with artificial happiness.  ” Maybe if i give my flesh what it longs for, it will be ‘happy’ and everything will be back to normal”.  unfortunately this only compounds the resistants and fill our soul with what it really doesn’t need.  We need to get rid of the hoarding of what is not good for us and our families, and begin to store up the things that really add to us, add benefits to those we love, and add to the Kingdom of God.  I’ll write some more tomorrow on this.