We had a wonderful weekend and didn’t think about what tomorrow brings ,until tonight.  We did some quick shopping on the way home through Adrian and grabbed last minute things for school.  Now we are slowing down and ready to say “yes it has been a good summer “.   It never seems to be easy to fall asleep the first night before school starts.   I have lunches ready and all backpacks are loaded, clothes are laid out( if they don’t change their minds  again about what they will wear in the morn).  I will have the camara ready to take a few pics before they leave in the morning and  I think that makes us ready for School.  I will have to talk to the Lord in the morning about all the emotions and feelings I feel even though I am prepared.  I just can’t seem to get my heart wrapped up and in order.  I know all is well and God has blessed a bunch and in this I will rest tonight.