The mornings seem to be getting harder to get up so early!  I am here now in my time with Jesus and the song “I will stand and worship you” is playing and I am overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the Holy Spirit here!!  He is always with us but it is in these times when we try to get quite time that we feel Him!!  I want to express somehow that it doesn’t take much on our part to feel Him!   It is my step toward Him and He always meets me far beyond what I expect!  It has to be a longing in me to meet with Him!!  As I just finished reading Psalms 128 a very short chapter but God moved me to see that my walk is in His ways.  What are His ways?  Does that mean laying down self ideas and plans?  I don’t have all the answers to His ways but I do know as I worship Him and recognize Who I am following , He directs my spirit in step with His ways!!  I pray that as you read this today you too get time to spend with our Heavenly Father and may He show you His ways as you walk in Him!!