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October 2010

Faith Challenge Today!!

Okay, In devotions I have been reading Job.  He went through really tough stuff. Here in chapter 19:17 He says even “My breath is offensive to my wife, and I am repulsive to the children of my own body…..”(nkjv)  What a rough time Job is having and then this faith pops out of him v.25 “I know that my Redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand upon the earth.”  Many times when life is not really working out for us we ask “where are you God?”  I am not saying we are bad for asking that it is just the challenge from Job today that we know Our Redeemer lives and He did come to save us. Job didn’t get to see Jesus come, he was believing the promise. We have the promise fulfilled today!   In the really yucky times today lets rise up like Job and say ” Our Redeemer lives”. We serve an Awesome God who sees and knows everything!

A Tribute to the white football jersey pants!

 I have scrubbed, soaked and bleached these pants so much you would think they would fall apart.  The tribute is to say one more game and then we can say “goodbye to these sparkling white  uniform pants.  We, moms ask the question why do they pick white for boys?  I don’t have the answer.  I have taken many tips on how to get them clean and some kinda work and some don’t work at all.  Its okay though because they will never be as white as  the first time they got worn(who knows how many times they have been passed down).   This just brings me to a spiritual parallel.  David was confessing and praying for forgiveness for his great sin. He used the color white to perceive how sin could be cleaned. ” Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean: wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.” Ps. 51:7    Sometime I think we think God has to do a lot of scrubbing to get us clean from our sins.  We may even imagine Him standing at a sink  frustrated with how long it’s taking to get the stains out. Muttering to himself about how crazy it is that it had to be white!  That may have been the case, if He was us but He is not.  He is God and instantly forgives and sin is gone.  He knew our humanity and how dirty we would get. He is not surprised by any ugly stain.  He sees all and knows all!! We could never cover up or get rid of our dirty sin.  We need God’s supernatural washing to be free from the sin that so easily stains our lives and shows up in embracing times.  To understand how much God loves us and cared enough to send His son will bring us to a humble washing.  If you are feeling deeply stained and it is showing up greatly!  The enemy would love to keep you in the mind-set that you have to try to get yourself clean.  It can’t happen You need the Great Cleanser. Be like David and ask to be whiter than snow.  He will do it and you will being to understand His Great Love for you!

If We are Compelled

Then we must go!

What did Jesus see and what moved Him when he walked this earth?

We say we are His disciples “Christians” but do we see and hear the way He does?

What is blocking our view to be “like Jesus”?

Are we afraid of our hearts breaking too much and not being able to cope?

Do we feel we will be taken advantage of?

Gradually God is removing the fear and possessions so we have a “Trust” and freedom to just give! He knows us deeper than anyone else so reputation doesn’t matter. He already knows everything.

We can’t make the miracles anyways, it is all God and I believe He is just calling us to step out and believe that He wants to tear down the fear and perceived ideas we have, so our compassion level will go beyond a feeling into action!!!  A reminder saying

“Only One life to Live, twill soon be past Only what is done for Christ will last”

Just Need Water!!!

                            I have been watching the news on St.Marc, Haiti.  They need clean and healthy water. They are afraid it is going to spread throughout the tent cities.  As I have been praying for Haiti and listening to the news, I got up and did the dishes.  It hit me pretty hard! I easily trust the water that comes into my sink. I have plenty and my thirst is quenched in an instant.  When I was in Haiti, the heat makes you very thirsty.   Could you imagine not able  to drink the water because everyone is getting sick from it?  Many faces flash in my mind, they can’t trust their water.  I was reminded what  Jesus said in John 7:38,”If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.”  As I prayed last week with young moms to have Jesus be Lord of their lives, I pray again now that His realness will be reveled to them. In the midst of physical thirst may Jesus meet their spiritual thirst.   A faith that God will be with them no matter what!!!  “Dear Father, we take our living here so for granted! I am overwhelmed by blessings.  Please protect and show yourself real to the young girls I prayed with. Fill them with your living water! I trust you!!! Amen!!!”

All in the name of Jesus!!!!

Sometimes we think we don’t have much to offer, no gifts, no talents and spiritual leadership!  Well, you are wrong there! That would be a lie from the worst liar in the world Satan.  He traps us in our insecurities and all we see is what is in front of us. Well there is more than what we see!  I believe with all my heart when we are walking with the Lord and He places His love in us it will reach the deepest places that words and works can’t go! I sat this morning holding my youngest, the Holy Spirit brought back to my memory the day we went to the “Good Sam.”(that’s what they call it) orphanage.  The children knew they could come to us and be held.  I was blessed to hold a little girl maybe about 2 years old.  They passed out candy to the children while I sat there holding her.  She enjoyed her sucker and candy in a very relaxed position on my lap.  I could have held her all day, there was nothing to it.  This morning there was a worship song playing “Show me your face Lord”.  I have prayed that many times and as all of this was unfolding this morning, I felt Him say to me, “You do see my face” that day in the orphanage and everyday you minister to your children and others!   My prayer today is “Father, may I not take anything for granted but know it is all in your name!!   I want to encourage whoever may be reading today, don’t let the enemy lie to you today, he just wants to stop you from moving forward in doing it all in the name of Jesus!!! Whatever it may be today, We can see our Lord’s face in it!! He is about caring and serving the broken and the lost!!!!!! Stop holding back because of those silly lies.  You have much to give because you have Jesus great love!


This is Mariam.  She is 15 years old and is beautiful!  My mom sponsors  her to go to Mission of Hope school.  Mom gave me a picture of her and asked me to get a picture of her.  It took a bit to find her but I was so glad to meet her!  I wanted to touch her with God’s love and confirm the fact that He has a special plan for her life. We had a nice conversation thru translator Ricardo. I looked deep into her eyes, and said “there is hope”. Her eyes welled up with tears. I told her , she had some people in America praying for her!  I wanted to say everything will be okay and your life will be great but I knew thru Ricardo that her situation is not good!  Like many children there their lives are very tough.  Just to get to school, they have to walk many miles.  Would any of us let our children walk in those conditions?(heat and who know whose out there? after the earthquake the prisoners escaped prisons)  I felt my questions were silly knowing her life is not like a normal teen here in America but she was gracious to me.  I met one of her friends when we were getting ready to leave each other.  I am sure that young lady was special too.  I wish hugs could be a million dollars and all fears and cares of this world could be wiped away!  I will not forget my time with her and how I promised to pray for her!  One by one may our Love from the Father pour out of us to touch and reach souls. May our words be encouragement and valuable.  We say “Jesus use me”, but can we say ” I trust You with the rest”?

Looking back on this week!!


wonderful people

beautiful language

great need

 My heart is broken for their suffering, I asked God how do I help? What can I say?  All week I saw things that are overwhelming for us American’s to imagine.  I have listened to many who have visited and my heart was broken from just hearing.  Everything they said is true and more.  My heart has been convicted by my selfish thinking.   Here I sit back at my computer and looking back. I have determined in my heart not to go back to the way I was before I went to Haiti.  Can it be possible? I don’t know, I have asked God to hold me accountable to the change.  You may wonder what kind of change I am talking about? Well, it’s a  deeper compassion for humanity, a thankfulness for all the blessings I have and understanding the great responsibility we have for being so blessed.  My heart was broken so greatly, I wept with out control at times.  It was the last evening that I realized how broken my heart had become. I was reading Luke 20.  Jesus (our capstone, my rock) said in vs.18 ” Everyone who falls on that stone will be broken to pieces, but he on whom it falls will be crushed.”  As we all fall in “great need” on Jesus, we will be broken. It is such a good thing for us!  Jesus walked first hand in the “humanity of great need”, He knew how desperate we all would be to be broken, so we didn’t have to be crushed!   Jesus is the answer for all humanity it doesn’t matter what people it is. Jesus can be their capstone to hold them together!! In the midst of a country of rubble, many people are being broken. Praise our Savior for His great love for us all!!!!!!!

How much change can we take?

                                                                                                      Do you ever wonder when change will stop?  As a child I would get up every morning looking for change(appearance & height) or come home from school looking for some kind of change in the house, maybe mom moved the furniture or we had more kittens. ( Something simple like that) That was good fun change.   As we grow older we realize that our world never stays the same and things are changing all around us. I remember a song we use to sing ” Change my heart oh God, make it ever true, Change my heart oh God, may it be like you, You are the potter, I am the clay, mold me and make me this is what I pray”.   When I sang this song as a prayer I was young but as I look back God has made changes in me.   I can say some changes I welcome and others I am not happy about at all!  The heart has many spots that need God to come in and rearrange, it’s not easy to accept this.  We need it though or we would become hard and dull to everything around us!  With saying this, my heart is trying to get prepared for this trip to Haiti!  The question is can I make it through without being changed by what I see and experience. There is no doubt in my mind, change will happen!!! So my prayer tonight is” here is my heart Lord change it again move me past “‘me” break  my heart to see yours!  Bring on the change.”

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