This is Mariam.  She is 15 years old and is beautiful!  My mom sponsors  her to go to Mission of Hope school.  Mom gave me a picture of her and asked me to get a picture of her.  It took a bit to find her but I was so glad to meet her!  I wanted to touch her with God’s love and confirm the fact that He has a special plan for her life. We had a nice conversation thru translator Ricardo. I looked deep into her eyes, and said “there is hope”. Her eyes welled up with tears. I told her , she had some people in America praying for her!  I wanted to say everything will be okay and your life will be great but I knew thru Ricardo that her situation is not good!  Like many children there their lives are very tough.  Just to get to school, they have to walk many miles.  Would any of us let our children walk in those conditions?(heat and who know whose out there? after the earthquake the prisoners escaped prisons)  I felt my questions were silly knowing her life is not like a normal teen here in America but she was gracious to me.  I met one of her friends when we were getting ready to leave each other.  I am sure that young lady was special too.  I wish hugs could be a million dollars and all fears and cares of this world could be wiped away!  I will not forget my time with her and how I promised to pray for her!  One by one may our Love from the Father pour out of us to touch and reach souls. May our words be encouragement and valuable.  We say “Jesus use me”, but can we say ” I trust You with the rest”?