Sometimes we think we don’t have much to offer, no gifts, no talents and spiritual leadership!  Well, you are wrong there! That would be a lie from the worst liar in the world Satan.  He traps us in our insecurities and all we see is what is in front of us. Well there is more than what we see!  I believe with all my heart when we are walking with the Lord and He places His love in us it will reach the deepest places that words and works can’t go! I sat this morning holding my youngest, the Holy Spirit brought back to my memory the day we went to the “Good Sam.”(that’s what they call it) orphanage.  The children knew they could come to us and be held.  I was blessed to hold a little girl maybe about 2 years old.  They passed out candy to the children while I sat there holding her.  She enjoyed her sucker and candy in a very relaxed position on my lap.  I could have held her all day, there was nothing to it.  This morning there was a worship song playing “Show me your face Lord”.  I have prayed that many times and as all of this was unfolding this morning, I felt Him say to me, “You do see my face” that day in the orphanage and everyday you minister to your children and others!   My prayer today is “Father, may I not take anything for granted but know it is all in your name!!   I want to encourage whoever may be reading today, don’t let the enemy lie to you today, he just wants to stop you from moving forward in doing it all in the name of Jesus!!! Whatever it may be today, We can see our Lord’s face in it!! He is about caring and serving the broken and the lost!!!!!! Stop holding back because of those silly lies.  You have much to give because you have Jesus great love!