Then we must go!

What did Jesus see and what moved Him when he walked this earth?

We say we are His disciples “Christians” but do we see and hear the way He does?

What is blocking our view to be “like Jesus”?

Are we afraid of our hearts breaking too much and not being able to cope?

Do we feel we will be taken advantage of?

Gradually God is removing the fear and possessions so we have a “Trust” and freedom to just give! He knows us deeper than anyone else so reputation doesn’t matter. He already knows everything.

We can’t make the miracles anyways, it is all God and I believe He is just calling us to step out and believe that He wants to tear down the fear and perceived ideas we have, so our compassion level will go beyond a feeling into action!!!  A reminder saying

“Only One life to Live, twill soon be past Only what is done for Christ will last”