This thought of Composing Thanksgiving popped into my mind the other early morning and hasn’t left, so I assume it is time to put on paper!  

When I was younger, I was very involved with music and so admired the way musicians composed music.  I tried and tried but never was able to put together a beautiful song or a piano piece with melodic melody.  I love singing and at times still sit down to worship the Lord alone on the piano.  My flute skills have gotten away from me and I haven’t touched a handbell for years.  when I was  a little girl  I remember sitting for long periods of time looking out the hallway window singing made up songs to Jesus. I am sure these songs didn’t have great tone quality and were never to be heard by anyone but Jesus!  I will, “sing and make melody in my heart to the Lord”(Ehp.5:19)

Thoughts on  composing thanksgiving has not left me, so I will try to give you an understanding of what we are challenged daily to do!  King David had an idea for this and through his writing we sing what he prayed and thought.  Psalm 95:2″Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song”.   God placed many examples for us  in His Word to read and hear from their hearts of thankfulness.  I looked up “how to compose music”.  Here are some simple steps.  1. Take lessons on an instrument,  2. Learn to listen to the music, 3. Learn the musical scale, 4. Listen to other composer’s music.

    A heart of thankfulness can’t be composed over night.  God puts us thru lessons so we learn that we can make thankfulness happen.  When we are going thru the hard times we can’t hear the composition being made because we are working on the situation.  It is when we step back and learn to listen to God’s Word and what He wants to show us through the dark, unfair and ugly things.  We learn things like ” I will never leave you nor forsake you” Heb.13:5 or ” I have plans to prosper you and not harm you”Jer.29:11.  Then we step into learning to not “lean not on our own understanding but in all our ways acknowledge Him” Prov. 3:5,6  After we begin to learn His promises and instruction, we can hear what others are saying as they too have composed a heart of thankfulness in the midst of hardship.  You know them, you are encouraged by them and they challenge you to not give up.  You see, our hearts need to be changed to really have a thankful heart, we can’t stay the same negative way and expect to compose thanksgiving!  It is something of process and work.  Make this November a beautiful month of Thanksgiving.  Take the steps of composing, accept the lessons(they are free ).  Learn to listen to what God is saying.   Learn faith doesn’t come in our own “understanding” and making everything work out.  Listen to  what those who have great faith are saying and be encouraged!!  Watch other benefit from your Composition of Thankfulness!!!!