I am still reading in Job.  It is a very long book.  I am not complaining  just observing 🙂  Today I read more of Job’s “friend” Elihu, he really loved to share his opinion.  He shared some truths about God!  “How great is God-beyond our understanding”!  He could have stopped there and said” that is why we don’t understand why you are suffering so much Job period”.   This friend had a lot of head knowledge about God but didn’t have the experience of Grace.   He was convinced Job had not worked out his works to please God enough!  My heart is very thankful today for Grace, without Jesus coming we would be in the same boat. Without grace in my life I could see myself  trying to tell someone you haven’t pleased  God enough and so that is why you are suffering. I am looking forward to the end of this book because  I know how God showed His faithfulness and grace to Job.  May I always be a friend that encourages with hope for the best ending  because we have GRACE!!!!  No matter what suffering we are going through, we haven’t made God so mad.  He gave us GRACE to bring us close to Him, don’t make your suffering worse by not receiving God’s riches at Christ’s expense.