Jesus said …”But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.”(John 3:21)

Jesus was referring to himself.   I am thinking of the star that shown that night when He came to earth  and led the Wiseman to Him. He began right in the beginning at birth leading with light. We love stars and the sun, we get excited when it shines in these cold days. Do you get excited about the darkness? not me and kids never like the dark because they have to go to bed.  When we walk in the truth Jesus says we come into the light(Him). How exciting it must have been for the Wiseman that day when they made it to baby Jesus.  They made a trip or should we say a pilgrimage to the light.  We just need a pilgrimage to the light so  we can live by the truth and people will see His light.  I always laugh at this time of year and how stressed  everyone gets to get their ” list” completed. Don’t get me wrong I do too 🙂 It is these special times(like right now for me) spending in the truth that  bring me to see His light and feel it also! Then as I walk through my day, I pray that…”it may be seen plainly that what I have done has been done through God”.  The Wiseman could never have gotten to Bethlehem without the star. We will never get to where we need to be with out seeing His Light!!! Dear brothers and sisters may we pull in, go to, search out, and receive the truth. So we can see His Star today.  Then God will be glorified in our lives! Not something we want to say about ourselves but to humbly recognize that it “has been done through God”.    Dear Father, today we need your direction and you have given it through your Son!!! Thank-you!!!!