A dream, favor, Jealousy, human trade, slavery, separation, relief, unjust accusations, forgotten, Freedom, a place of honor, forgiveness, blessings and then death.

Joseph’s life reads kind of like a rollcoaster.  We can all relate with one or another part of his life.  At times we ask why God is allowing so much in my life to go bad or maybe the hopelessness seems to come in a flood of thoughts.  Peace comes as we pick up His Word and the Holy Spirit speaks through what He has already done in these famous Bible characters.

      I have enjoyed reading the life of Joseph again.  The story has always impacted my life from little till now.  He had some mean brothers who couldn’t handle their jealousy but God used every situation to bring Joseph’s journey to a height.   I want to remind you, my friend that our stories are not all written yet and God’s power to move even when humans mess up what we might think was His great plan.   Joseph had some pretty amazing dreams I wonder if he tried to recall those dreams sitting in that “nice” dark dirty prison cell.  I can almost hear him saying “but God you promised more than this?”   He had a great father and followed instructions without question.  If anyone had a blessing coming I am sure he believed he did.   He knew his destination of blessing was coming but how long did he have to wait? 

      He didn’t ask for the dreams but from the time he dreamed till when God brought it all to reality, He stayed faithful to the Lord.  Believing in the calling and trusting in the Lord!!   Again in 2011 I am challenged by Joseph’s example.  Believe in what God says and hold on to His promises!!!