This week I have begun reading Leviticus. Chapters 1-16 are outlined as “The way of Access to God; Atonement.”  It wasn’t like experiencing the lines at Cedar Point with anticipation for a great experience. The lines had to be long and all senses were at work.  I am sure from a far off you could smell the animals being offered and hear the bellowing of the animals. My mind tries to place myself in that group of Israelites. Have you ever been to a meat market ? I remember as a little girl going into one with my grandma in Adrian and when you walked in the smell met you. I would try to cover my nose and I really couldn’t look at the raw meat, the man who would help us usually had  a blood stained apron on.  I was so relieved when it was time to go.  I can almost smell it now. Wow, it was bad!!  Could you imagine being in the nice hot desert sun and being last in the line?     In my Study Bible here the noun “offering” (Hebrew corban) is related to the verb that means “to draw near”.  They needed to do this to approach God and to  enjoy His fellowship and blessing.  Sin and darkness had to be dealt with, if anyone wanted to be close to God.  “The Lord called to Moses and spoke to him from the Tent of Meeting”(Lev.1:1).   From the beginning of creation our God continued to make ways to bring humanity to Himself.  It was complicated because there was no other way to get around the fact that this is serious.  God created the human heart with a place for Him.  Just because this was a long time ago doesn’t mean that humans have become different in their souls.   The difference is our great freedom from guidelines and ceremonies.   Those poor Israelites had so many things they had to do to draw near to God.  The blood had to be exposed from animals.    This was not an easy task, the process was take the best, kill and drain the blood and place in a special place, then burn up.   Blood makes me uncomfortable could you imagine with all those people that had “fallen short”. What a visual bloody mess!   The lines of waiting and watching as daily blood had to be spilled out and collected to be offered to the Most HOLY GOD!!!!  They had to really think about what they had done and determine in their minds, ” I will never sin again”.   The experience was a sacrifice and painful in many ways. The worth was great to them though! They could be closer to God because He instructed Moses .   God has never stopped being active in drawing humans to Himself.  We have been blessed with the easiest and most affective way.  There are no lines, no smells, no disturbing sounds, no bloody dramatic scenes just simple closeness to the Almighty God.  He saw our great Need and made it simple.  May we not take for granted the Precious Blood of THE Lamb our Savior Jesus!!!!