As I sit here today I am reflecting on 1996. It was a huge step of faith that year.  I was 28 years old, our daughter Abby was 19 months. I had already said “no way” once to church planting. I loved being a youth pastor’s wife, so much fun!  That idea was so foreign to me. In 1995 God started working on my heart and I began to say “have your way, Lord”.  Following & being obedient is very important.  It brings you to a deeper relationship with the Lord.  I have not been any better than anyone else just chose to listen to the calling in my heart.  In fact it makes you a mess and there is really no explaining the future. Just great peace moves in and you are always looking to see what God will do next because you have no control of what is next around the corner.  I remember one day in particular in our Livonia house I just sat staring out the window trying to imagine what God would do when we moved to Temperance. We knew no one other than a handful of people meeting with us on Tuesday nights when we would drive down to have a Bible Study. I was so comfortable in our newly remolded Livonia house. I loved our youth, youth leaders and in fact the whole church. They had loved us so sweetly and blessed us so much! We had a very nice Christian School with the church and our daughter would have fit in very nicely.

        Faith in my Savior was very easy until it was to bring it to a strange place, alone with just my small family.  I have to say though, I woke up every morning looking for what God was going to do and show us. The money end seemed to come just at the right time and just enough to make it that day or week.  Money can’t buy the awesome, beautiful place of trusting God deeper and being desperate to see Him move.  We may not be way ahead in the financial part of our life right now, but I would not return to 1996 and change our path.  I know God can be trusted! He is faithful. When He leads us to do things that are out of our comfort zone, we are secure and blessed! We can’t say to our Heavenly Father, “Have your way in my life” and not allow Him to speak and say “follow me this way”.  I often have to check my heart and remember what I have prayed or sang, and mean it!  My mind and heart have to be loyal to my Lord.  I have given Him my whole life not just part. Self wants to crawl off the altar so many times because it feels uncomfortable.  When I stay where God wants me, He always meets me way beyond what I expect.  I guess I understand a little about this from being a parent, when your children obey and submit, you desire to bless them and rejoice in them. Our Heavenly Father has all the knowledge and sees our future better then we can even imagine.  I see now He allows me to draw close to Him, that is a blessing and then He brings in more. If you sit and reflect on God’s blessings in your life, you will see they are great!   We choice daily to be obedient not just in a major path change but every time we say no to our flesh and listen to what God wants.  It is for our own good.  There is no regret and I know our Heavenly Father is rejoicing over us.  The enemy is defeated and our testimony to others is louder for Christ!!

                I pray today as you are seeking God’s Will for your life that as you walk in obedience, you are encouraged.  Christ is faithful and your small bit of faith, He will bless!  Look up and walk in His plan! I know He is rejoicing in you!!  So love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and your entire mind and might.  Show Him this by obedience and trust!!!