Mark 15 this morning brought on some thoughts to blog about.  My amazement of my Savior brings to me to a quite awe!  My Lord was not only abused physically but mentally too.  The notice sign above Him on the cross had no real reason for the punishment he received. The King of the Jews was the truth and yet their great ignorance brought them to the point of   ridiculous insults. V.29 says people passing by hurled insults @ Him, v.31 Chief priests and teacher of the law mocked Him and then in v.32 even the convicted on the other crosses heaped insults.  I looked up insult in the dictionary and one sentence jumped out at me. ” Insult implies such insolence of speech or manner as deeply humiliates or wounds one’s feelings and arouses to anger.”  Jesus was entitled to respect, He had done so many wonderful things and spoken the truth and loved so selflessly, yet here people humiliated with contemptuous words. They were so rude even after they had physically put Him on the cross, they didn’t stop with their demeaning physical acts but took it to a greater level of torture.  I do believe the evil one had great influence on them but to have witnessed the awesomeness of our Savior and turn so deathly against Him.  It brings me to the realization that our Lord’s love and understanding of humanity is so great our minds only know the half of it.  I am reminded of how Paul wrote in Ephesians 6 about the armour and how we need the helmet of “Salvation”.  We need what Christ did for us because of sin separating manner and our wish-washy minds, We can’t take what Christ took. We could never have hung and received what He did. My awareness today of my great need brings me back to my knees again.  “Father , I want to wear my helmet of “Salvation” with more humility. May I never forget what you have done for me. Thank-you for putting up with humanity and our ignorance of who you are.”  As you walk through this day someone or the evil one may come against you with some kind of mental hurt, Christ took the worst and deflected it for us! He knew we would have mental combat and need salvation  in more ways than one. Today, remember your helmet!