It is Monday! Sometimes that means the “same old” stuff has to happen. Landry, dishes, groceries and many cleaning up stuff things. I have determined in my mind and heart today that I am kicking up the Joy while I am about the ordinary stuff. God has blessed us so many tools to use to revive our joy.  Last night I down loaded a few new songs, so fun! Have you shouted out while you are alone. I did today alot!!! Fun, Fun, Fun,!!! Maybe the Reeds(our neighbors) heard it but that is okay, they know I am a bit edgy. I hope my other side neighbors ask if they hear it because I love to share what God is doing in our lives ! So I challenge you today, kick the devil with kicking up your joy in the Lord.  Remember Joy gives us strength to go forward. Do you think the enemy wants us to be happy and full of peace? Show him up today and determine in your mind and heart to kick it up!!! Yeah!!!