We were created to be dependent, as an infant we had no way to provide for ourselves, so our wonderful parents allowed us to be dependent on them. As we grew we realized how we could be more and more  independent. Still, in us is a need to rely on someone. How many times do you really want to make all the “hard” decisions and lead the way in things? Our Creator God intended us to have a hollow gap here to fill with Him. We can’t make everything work out, We can’t bring perfection in every area of our lives and the world. It brings us to the realization the there is a hollow place in our souls.  In our own search efforts and abilities we try relationships, money, success and maybe even over doing it on food, drinks, and altering drugs. This only makes us hate ourselves and push us into a greater need to find something that works. Our mind tries to think hard and we make our bodies work harder. The truth is, the answer has been the same all throughout history, We need our Soul Hole Creator to move into this “gap” in our lives. We can’t run from our souls. It is who we are in the quite alone time and how we think and make choices in our lives. As human beings we are involved in so much physical actions(not saying this is all wrong), we forget to pay attention to the involvement we need with our void in the soul. Striving to fix this with tangible things are short-lived and even push us into deeper dispar . Can I encourage you today stop trying to put dirt or fluff into the hole of your soul. Call out to your Creator of you soul, allow yourself to depend upon his way to fill your gap. Allow the sin of striving to do it yourself be over so Your Heavenly Father can make you whole! This is the greatest need we have and we independently  think we can fill it ourselves. Pay attention and realize only God has the remedy for your gap. Allow Him to draw near and wipe out all your efforts that have failed! I can say without doubt, our Soul Creator know whats best for you. Can you depend on Him instead of trying on your own? Remember our souls will live for eternity, they need our attention!