The harvest season is upon us.  The other day my Aunt let me go pick some tomatoes from her garden. How yummy they are!  This seems to be the best part of this season in my life right now.  You see I really didn’t want  Fall to approach at all.  My emotions and feelings as some of you know have been so up and down. So many of you understand where i am coming from.  I knew this was coming and have been trying to prepare my heart for months, but there really isn’t much you can do on your own.  I have been talking with God daily and letting Him know this just went too too fast. As i write this my eyes are welling up.  — Okay back to the Facts I want to share —

    Just like we know how to plant a garden with some head knowledge, so we also have to plant our spiritual lives with truth.  Here are some facts I was reminded of by the Lord this morning and I am planting them in my spiritual garden. I already knew them but sometimes we just need a good reminding so we can have a better harvest!

Fact 1 – Our feelings are unreliable. They can be fickle and change like the wind. They will try to get their way in situations but they are not what move us to make decisions. God’s Word is reliable and is where we need to go when our feelings try to drive us. Which leads me to fact 2.

Fact 2 – God’s Word spoke this to me this morning. John 15:5 “I am the vine; you are the branches, if a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”  I need to cling to Jesus my vine!  Its the same in any season of life, there is no change from any other time. I just need more of Jesus!

Fact 3- God’s Word reminded me this morning in Gen.1:26 & 27 that He wanted us from the beginning. He made the decision to make us. His deepest desire is a relationship with us. We can question that at times, but this is  fact. He wanted us and even created us in His image.

Fact 4- After Adam & Eve sinned God went searching for them. Gen. 3:9 ” But the Lord God called to the man, ‘Where are you?’.  They became aware of their sin & where fearful, but God still longed for a relationship with them. When we see our shortcomings and doubt God, remember He is still longing for a closer relationship with us!

Fact 5- I need to plant these facts so feelings and emotions don’t uproot the good stuff God has planted in me.  Then I need to walk thru my spiritual garden and look for the harvest with joy.  The truth sets us free to see what God sees. Gen 1:31 ” God saw all that he had made, and it was very good…….” 

Be encouraged today, hold on to the facts and plant your feet on the Solid Rock!!!!