I am sitting outside and it is not quiet haha
The birds are making a lot of racquet but there is a great silence in my heart!
The Holy Spirit has brought the word ” perfection” to my mind! He is reminding me that my idea of this and His is a bit different.   Jesus is perfection to this earth, to correct our souls.   You see sometimes when I think of how things can be perfect I think of how I can control situations and things! You know what I mean – our smells, our tastes, our visible sight and touch which equals comfort!  How much of my time is spent on controlling these and making it more prefect for myself and others around me! At times I can over do it and get to the point of being so worn out, not just physically but mentally too!
Today the Holy Spirit is reminding me that as I lay my perfection at his feet, he will again do some perfecting in the soul, because that is an area I have no control to change! We can make our surrounding as perfect as it can get but if our soul has no change things will not be “perfect”!  This only happens by yielding control and recognizing that we need the Holy Spirit to work in us!
So today let the tears of submission come and be honest in yourself! We need our perfect Savior to move us in our souls to a place where whatever our imperfect world has dished out to us today, we know He has control of our souls to help us get past the frustration of not controlling!
Stop-Rest-Give Thanks today!