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Confession of Significance from the Mother’s Day Message

God is My Heavenly Father and He knows me!

I need to know Him and His great Love.

He created me and He was pleased.

I need to know my Significance as His presence is felt and shown in me.

I don’t need a cart or poles to tote His Presence. Simplicity has come thru His New covenant.

I have worth

He sees me as remarkable and exceptional!

I am significant!

How is God your Refuge?

The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms, He will drive out your enemy before you, saying ,’Destroy him!'” Deuteronomy 33:27

Refuge- A security, a safety, a retreat, a sanctuary, a haven or a stronghold.   These are  few ways to describe a refuge, but Our God is more than these words. All thru scripture we read of Him being these things to many people and even encouraged to allow Him to be this for us.   My challenge for us today is have you gone to your Refuge?  Do you know the “How” to get to your Refuge?  Remember just as He promised the Israelites even before He sent the Holy Spirit, He said “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. I will be found by you, declares the Lord, and will bring you back from captivity….” Jer. 29:13&14a.  As soon as I open my soul to seek Him,  He pulls me into refuge.  He gives me His supernatural strength, peace, rest and freedom .   I feel His protection from the fiery darts of the enemy.  I discern the untruth the deciever  is whispering.  I hear and see the Father’s promises.  They are alive , true and make sense.   He is there permanently and has just what we need to get us thru or to refresh us after “the getting thru”.   This is my encouragement today for you. Go to your Refuge!

Favor vs. 2nd place

 Hello Blog World!

Yes, it has been a long time since I have written!

God has spoken to me today and I know I have to sit down and share!

Psalms 90:17 “May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us: establish the work of our hands for us- yes, establish the work of our hands.”

Do you ever feel like you can’t be fair to all your children? Were you the one that was always not picked in Gym?Or where you the one who was the favorite in the family ?

It doesn’t matter what your view of Favor is, God’s view is very important that you get it! I strive really hard to make my kids feel like every one of them is important and my favorite. Like on Valentines day I made sure they all had hearts on their crustless sandwiches, but when they opened them at lunch everything was smeared together with no idea to them that I made them as perfect to the other so they would know I loved them. Fairness and Favor seem to go hand in hand when we measure how people think of us, but so many times it can only go so deep.  We all tend to favor ourselves the most when it comes down to it.

God had to break thru human concept of favor. In  This verse  Moses is asking God to rest His favor on them so that everything that they did would be ” established” or should we say to be settled and stable. Think  about that poor leader man, he had to lead unhappy, disobedient, stubborn people.  He knew they needed more.  Freeing and Leading  them to  the Promise Land” wasn’t enough to keep them from feeling like God was unfair to them. Wow, can’t we relate? You may ask yourself sometimes  “why can’t God be more fair to me or answer my prayers like he does _______ (you put the name there)”?  Moses had good reason to ask God for favor because I feel he was asking for ‘The Favor’ God would give thru sending Christ!

Have you ever felt like you were the favorite?  I was to my grandma ( of course, for the first 5 years of my life, I was her one and only grand baby). We would go out eat and the waitress would say “who do you have with you?” She would say “why, this is my pride and joy”.  With her great smile she would look at me and say “order whatever you want”.  No other little girl could meet up to her view of me.  She would listen and hang onto every word I said.  I really thought I could do nothing wrong in her eyes. Of course, I didn’t want to either because I didn’t want to disappoint her.  When she came to visit me after I was married, she said my house was immaculent, ha-ha,  It made me feel like I lived in a palace. Are you getting my picture of favorite, maybe a little?

Moses knew these dear Israelites did have favor with God, obviously the list in the Old Testament is awesome. They were missing something though.  They had to keep “doing” to have God’s favor.   God knew He had to bring it to a settled point. A once and for all to bring the “Favor” to really rest.  Humanity really can’t take in the fact that we really have no control over ‘The Favor'(grace, mercy & redemption).  God gave His son out of His great love for us.  This favorite is not something we can earn, He sees us as His favorite because He does!  Whether you have been or are someones favorite on this earth and everything is going your way or not going so good.  You are seen as God’s favorite.

This brings me to the verse for our Forty days in the word. Paul says in Philippians 1:27 “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ”.  Whatever happens…… Paul understood his ‘Favor’, he was settled and stable in it!  He is challenging us to ‘conduct'(lead or transfer) ourselves to understand this.  Then our manner will be worthy of the gospel of Christ.  See we can’t just say I can be good and give worthy to Christ thru our own works. We need to see and except  the gift of Favor that God gave us even when we go thru the “whatever”.   The greatest Favor has been done on the cross!  Sin can’t cling to us if we transfer our understanding of God seeing us as His favorite because we want to bring Him glory, and sin will separate us from Him( the one who puts us first)! Be moved today to choose God’s Favor, even when all around you is in turmoil and you can’t understand why God allowed it. He has brought His Favor to rest on us and We can be established, settled and stable in our souls for Eternity! Hallelujah!

Soul Hole

We were created to be dependent, as an infant we had no way to provide for ourselves, so our wonderful parents allowed us to be dependent on them. As we grew we realized how we could be more and more  independent. Still, in us is a need to rely on someone. How many times do you really want to make all the “hard” decisions and lead the way in things? Our Creator God intended us to have a hollow gap here to fill with Him. We can’t make everything work out, We can’t bring perfection in every area of our lives and the world. It brings us to the realization the there is a hollow place in our souls.  In our own search efforts and abilities we try relationships, money, success and maybe even over doing it on food, drinks, and altering drugs. This only makes us hate ourselves and push us into a greater need to find something that works. Our mind tries to think hard and we make our bodies work harder. The truth is, the answer has been the same all throughout history, We need our Soul Hole Creator to move into this “gap” in our lives. We can’t run from our souls. It is who we are in the quite alone time and how we think and make choices in our lives. As human beings we are involved in so much physical actions(not saying this is all wrong), we forget to pay attention to the involvement we need with our void in the soul. Striving to fix this with tangible things are short-lived and even push us into deeper dispar . Can I encourage you today stop trying to put dirt or fluff into the hole of your soul. Call out to your Creator of you soul, allow yourself to depend upon his way to fill your gap. Allow the sin of striving to do it yourself be over so Your Heavenly Father can make you whole! This is the greatest need we have and we independently  think we can fill it ourselves. Pay attention and realize only God has the remedy for your gap. Allow Him to draw near and wipe out all your efforts that have failed! I can say without doubt, our Soul Creator know whats best for you. Can you depend on Him instead of trying on your own? Remember our souls will live for eternity, they need our attention!

A message to Baruch(to you?)

I wanted to post yesterday, but time got away from me. As I sat down this morning to take in God’s words, I was reminded again of what I read yesterday. Jeremiah had a hard “calling from God”. In these chapters of  Jeremiah, it seemed like not many would listen to this “mouth piece from God”. How discouraging is that? Of course there are some famous verses in this book like Jeremiah 33:3 “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” There are the Recabites in chpt.35 who were an obedient group and I am sure that was encouraging to Jeremiah.  Right after they are talked about comes the challenge for Baruch, he wrote everything down for Jeremiah. God directed them to write down everything concerning Israel, Judah and all the other nations for many years. I can imagine that took many hours (no laptops).  Do you know this story?  When they were finished He had to take (big huge scroll) to the Lord’s temple and read it to everyone there. Well it ended up in the kings hands and he had it burned. He sent men after Jeremiah and Baruch to be put in prison.  As they were hiding from the king, Baruch was writing all the words from Jeremiah down again( v. 32 of chpt.36).                                                                                          I am sure there is a lot going thru Baruch’s mind at this time. He was a servant and willing do to what he was told but I am sure redoing everything was time-consuming and disappointing. His buddy Jeremiah is taken later and thrown into a cistern (yuck). Many more things happen thru the chapters and no mention of Baruch until a whole chapter(45).  Jeremiah looks at him and says God wants to say something to you.  God heard what Baruch had said ,vs.3″Woe to me! the Lord has added sorrow to my pain; I am worn out with groaning and find no rest”. Baruch was very discouraged. Can you imagine all of your “work” shown no respect and burned up?  I am sure he lived in fear and torment because of who he was and the stand he took along side Jeremiah. 

Our Awesome Lord that we serve, says to this discouraged, worn out man, vs. 4&5 “I will overthrow what I have built and uproot what I have planted throughout the land.Should you then seek great things for yourself? Seek them not………….but wherever you go I will let you escape with your life.”      That must have been just what he needed to hear from the Lord. I was thinking about this promise the Lord made to him, He has given us this promise also thru His Son Jesus. We are free from the enemies in our lives and we have eternal freedom.  Some of you today may be feeling you have no message from the Lord and you can’t feel Him today.  He did more for us, He put into action His words by sending Jesus.  Don’t seek great things for yourself, if you have received Christ, you have received the greatest thing!!!  God sees us and our human focus at times can get down and fear and disappointment with failure feelings can flood in. You are an individual in God’s eyes and He made his promise clear. Hear it today and be encouraged!!!!!!


John 7:37, 38

“Jesus stood and said in a loud voice, if anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink, Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.”


                                  This morning I read these verses and my thoughts went back to our time at these falls. Not the biggest ones but still powerful and beautiful. It never runs out of water because there is a source.  We have a great source to draw from too.  If we all come to Jesus like He asks and believe and drink, we have a promise of “streams of living water will flow” from us.  What is it that will flow out of us?  It is defiantly not things from our flesh or the world! It will be the substance of what Christ is. Can Humility, Joy, peace, wisdom, forgiveness, love, compassion, holiness, generosity and many more great things of Christ flow out of us?  Have you been getting your thirst filled by Christ or is the Worlds false drinks been what you have been filling up on?  Can you imagine if we the Body of Christ really obeyed and all came to Him and drank fully? I can see gatherings of Christ’s Body more powerful because we are joining together to go over the edge of just the norm. All who are walking up to observe would see how real Christ really is thru our daily living and how powerful Christ’s Church really is!! So are you thirsty today?  Get yourself to Christ and drink of Him!! I want to see your streams of living water flowing out of youJ. We need each other drawing closer to Jesus!!!  Don’t settle for false quenching! Come on Brothers and Sisters get thirsty!!!

Kicking up the JOY!!!!

It is Monday! Sometimes that means the “same old” stuff has to happen. Landry, dishes, groceries and many cleaning up stuff things. I have determined in my mind and heart today that I am kicking up the Joy while I am about the ordinary stuff. God has blessed us so many tools to use to revive our joy.  Last night I down loaded a few new songs, so fun! Have you shouted out while you are alone. I did today alot!!! Fun, Fun, Fun,!!! Maybe the Reeds(our neighbors) heard it but that is okay, they know I am a bit edgy. I hope my other side neighbors ask if they hear it because I love to share what God is doing in our lives ! So I challenge you today, kick the devil with kicking up your joy in the Lord.  Remember Joy gives us strength to go forward. Do you think the enemy wants us to be happy and full of peace? Show him up today and determine in your mind and heart to kick it up!!! Yeah!!!

Appluad our God!!!

“The Mighty One, God, the Lord, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to the place where it sets.” Psalm 50:1                            

Reading this reminded me of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets lately! It is refreshing to the eyes and brings me to think of the awesomeness of our Heavenly Father!!  Do you ever think about when Jesus returns for us how the sky will look ? Are you still looking for that day?   There is  a day coming when  God will summon us to be with Him! Are you ready? There is still many who have not realized how blessed and happy they can be and have a hope for this future! Keep going forward and when you see these beautiful sun displays Remember to Appluad our Awesome Creator!!!

I Woke up this morning with…….

 The word “Adversary” kept rolling around in my head early this morning, like 1am, 3am, 4am and then finally @around 5:50am , I decided I needed to get up and look up this verse. 1 Peter 5:8″Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. 9But resist him, firm in your faith…..”(NASB).   I don’t know why but I feel I am to be obedient today and blog this.  I googled the word really quick this morning because there is much to do  today. Here is the site I went to and I like the three points they made from this site  –       As a roaring lion – Satan tempts under three forms:

1. The subtle serpent; to beguile our senses, pervert our judgment, and enchant our imagination.

2. As an angel of light; to deceive us with false views of spiritual things, refinements in religion, and presumption on the providence and grace of God.

3. As a roaring lion; to bear us down, and destroy us by violent opposition, persecution, and death. Thus he was acting towards the followers of God at Pontus, etc., who were now suffering a grievous persecution.

As I began to ponder this verse and think about  what I was to say I feel my challenge for all of us today is to recognize because of the fall of Adam & Eve, our human nature, Satan knows and magnifies it as our adversary. The verse that comes to my mind a lot is ” ….. because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” 1John4:4 The adversary may prowl around trying to hurt and mix our minds up but we have Overcome with Christ!!!! If you have not been drawing closer to the One in you who is Greater, You better do it today! Don’t let your adversary make you think he has you defeated.  No more devouring can take place. Our God has a better plan and the truth for you today. Go to Him!! I am going now to pray and seek Him who is greater in me right now! May you be a Overcomer today!! The enemy has no power over you!

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