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Re-experience God’s Work This Weekend, and Walk In It!


Hello Everyone

I have been taking in all the Lord has done this past weekend. It has been a beautiful time with sitting here thanking Jesus for His precious sacrifice for us, so we can be free! His truth is so real and many of us will need to continue this week reaching for His truth and pushing back the enemy!

Set time aside with Our Heavenly Father, just like that “Set” chair on the platform this weekend and the open bird cage! We have to remember it is daily desiring to be free and there are things we have to put an effort forth to do! Don’t allow lies to take hold of you today! Press in to the Lord!

If the enemy has already said you have failed, He is a liar and he has failed!! God is right there call out His name and ask Him to fill you today with His presence! Lean in to His thoughts. If your devotions today as you are “setting” seemed not enough. Draw in the fact that God has detail in everything!

Maybe there is some human being in your life today that you feel has made you fail and feel defeated, Stop believing and go to your Savior! Ask Him for truth and insight from Him and then rest in that truth that He sees were you are and will answer.

“Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows” Luke 12:7 NIV

Remember the truth today and be free in it! I am praying God continues to move you closer to Him as the lies of the enemy are shattered!


Sharing My Heart

Freedom In Christ
Freedom In Christ
Romans 12:1 & 2
“Therefore, I urge you brothers (sisters), in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God – this is your spiritual act of worship.Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

As we begin this week, may “we” Compelled sisters be aware of what God wants to show us and speak to us. God is calling us to offer ourselves to Him. He has placed upon me a call to fast and pray this week for next weekend May 10 & 11. This is not going to be easy but I’m praying for women and myself to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. The thief has tried really hard to hold us all captive with awful lies that kept us from being free to hear our Lord more. Even as I write this, thoughts not from my Lord are battling in my mind. How can we stop “conforming to the pattern’s of this world”? The thoughts of lies that are not from Heaven have to be recognized and not allowed to be entertained. How long has it been since you decided to not believe the lies the enemy keeps telling you? Example – I need to be perfect, I would be happy too if I had her life, If I do this , I can look like that, nobody really cares about me, if I am doing what others want then they will like me and the list could go on and on. I know you have even more you could to add to this list of lies.

Our wonderful Savior wants to save us from our bad self talk and renew our minds with how He see us all! Please join me this week in some way offer yourself as a “Living Sacrifice.” I can’t tell you how. You need to view God’s mercy for you and hear Him in the way He wants you to hear. I just know He doesn’t want us to just be saved He wants us freed to be Closer to Him and see the view He has of us.

I know there is Freedom when my eyes are focused on my Savior who knew I would need to lay down self. Oh dear sister walk free with me, allow the Holy Spirit to show you areas that you have been believing lies and it has stopped the sweet closeness to Jesus. Put your energies toward pure thoughts and longing to be closer to Our Heavenly Father!

The thinking patterns of this world are easily accepted, but they only hold us captive! They are lies!
Please join me this Friday night for Worship & Prayer at 7pm and whatever the Lord may lead you to do this week (fast something, more prayer time, inviting a friend to the Brunch 10th or to one of the weekend services and other things I have not mentioned). I love you all and praying for us! ~Wendy

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